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Editing of term papers

Whether it is a term paper, the honours project, the final year thesis, or a Master or PhD dissertation, our editors have been there before. All our editors have Master or PhDs, and know what it takes to get good results in school.


Our editors usually also provide invaluable comments, usually beyond those provided by the professons, on how to improve your writing.

Editing of thesis or dissertation

Your thesis is the result of years of hard work, frustration, sacrifice, and we understand that you are proud of being about to submit it, and look forward to your next stage in life. Our editors all have PhD of Master degrees, and successfully have gone through the same process as you have. They will edit your thesis or dissertation to disentangle possible confusing sentences, and more clearly express your thoughts, and hone the text without changing the meaning.  

Our time frame 

Accurate work requires time. Our editing work takes usually between 4 and 5 days. We do not provide 24 hours editing work, because our editors usually work in academia, and have their own deadlines they have to adhere to. In exchange for waiting a couple of days longer you get professional results. Please keep this into consideration when submitting your file.

Pricing and costs

For students, we offer a 5% discount and only charge USD 29 for 1,000 words. This includes editing your term paper, honours project or thesis by a specialist in your field with a Masters or phD. This editing often includes comments and requests for clarifications. These will help us to further improve the paper. You can take up to three weeks to answer these comments, and send it back to us. The editor will then take your answers into consideration to further edit your article. So you get two rounds of review, for a paper ready to impress.


Send us your paper using the form below. We will tell you what will be our editing fees for your paper. If you are satisfied with our fees, you should make the payment. As soon as we receive the payment (usually within minutes of your transfer) we will start editing your paper.

Maximum size of attachments: 10 MB. If the files are larger, feel free to split them and fill in the forms more than once.

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