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Business editing 

For businesses, proper English is important. We can edit your website, brochures, and any document from your company, except legal documents. We charge a flat fee of USD 32 for 1,000 words. This fee includes a double editing service: we will first edit your article and add as many comments as necessary, to ask you to clarify the text, or suggest changes in wording, position of particular passages within the text. You have two weeks to answer our comments, after which you can send it back to us for further editing. This service is included in the price.  

Translation of business documents

Poorly written business documents raise questions on the quality of the business, and may compromise important deals. They may also lead to disputes at a later stage. We guarantee the best translation. Your document is first translated from Spanish into English by a professional translator with experience in translating business documents. The article is then checked by a English native speaker. Both will provide comments and questions for clarification or suggestions on how to improve your document. Once you answer these comments and questions, you will send it back to us for a second round of editing.


We do not translate legal documents.

Our time frame 

Accurate work requires time. For translation work, we complete our work, translated and edited with comments to the highest academic standard, within 8 days.

Costs and pricing 

We charge a flat fee of USD 31 for 1,000  words. This includes the full translation of your article by a bilingual person, and the editing of your article by a specialist in your field with a Masters or phD, with queries to help clarify some points (if needed) and comments on how to improve your article. You can take up to three weeks to answer these comments, and send it back to us. The editor will then take your answers into consideration to further edit your article.


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