Academic editing

Editing services tailored to the needs of ambitious academics

Editing of academic articles

Articles with grammatical or syntactical mistakes, or with the wrong words or expressions, are rejected for further editing, with a loss of two to six months for resubmission or a submission to another journal. Academicians have great pressure to publish, and we help publish more, and faster. 

Thesis and dissertation editing

Your thesis is the result of years of hard work, frustration, sacrifice, and we understand that you are proud of being about to submit it, and look forward to your next stage in life. Our editors all have PhD of Master degrees, and successfully have gone through the same process as you have. They will edit your thesis or dissertation to disentangle possible confusing sentences, and more clearly express your thoughts, and hone the text without changing the meaning.

Research grant proposal editing

Obtaining competitive research funding is often a condition for obtaining tenure, as well as a necessity for promotion. The attitude of the grant’s review will also depend on your ability to express your ideas in a clear, concise, and elegant way. Our editors have great experience helping authors doing exactly this. Over the last years, our editors have edited hundreds of proposals across many disciplines. Although we cannot guarantee success, your proposal will have a greater chance of being funded if edited by one of our expert editors.

Book editing

Books are major endeavours that require a considerable amount of time to complete. We can help you shorten that time, by giving you considerable help in editing the English.

Personal statement, teaching statement

We know it can be difficult to write such statements. Yet, they are essential for tenure application. We can help you phrase your ideas in a way that would make the tenure panel appreciate your knowledge



Most of our editors are Professors with PhDs in the subject the article is in, and edit on a part-time basis. For this reason, we usually return articles within 4-5 days.

Pricing and costs

We have by far the best cost-quality relationship of all editing companies. We charge a flat fee of USD 31 for 1,000 words. You can decide whether you want us to edit your list of references according to the journal style, or whether you want us to ignore the citations in the word count.


Our fee includes a double editing service: We will edit your article, and add as many comments as necessary, to ask you to clarify the text, or suggest changes in wording, position of particular passages within the text, changes in the method or analysis. You have three weeks to answer these comments, after which you can send it back to us for further editing. This service is included in the price. However, if you make changes after submitting it to a journal, we need to charge you again for the whole service (USD 31 for 1,000 words).

Please email your publication, article, in word file to, or attach it to the form below. We will let you know the costs and send you an invoice. It is entirely up to you if you want to proceed with our editing service. If you decide positivtly, as soon as we receive the payment we will start editing. We have bank accounts in China, Hong Kong and Switzerland, so we receive payments virtually instantaneously with Alipay, Wise (formerly Transferwise) or PayPall. For an article up to 8,000 words, we typically finish editing within 4-5 days from the payment. 


Feel free to get in touch with us for any enquiry. 

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