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Poor language editing prompts publication rejection and the editors to recommend resubmission after extensive English editing. However, each round of editing takes several months, in some extreme cases up to one year. It is usually a good idea to make sure that one’s article is written in impeccable English. English-language editing makes it that you don’t have to resubmit for the language editing. Also, you get more positive comments if you immediately have good English.

Editor in Chief

The Editor in Chief is Dr. Claudio O. Delang.


Dr. Delang has a PhD in Geography from the National University of Singapore and worked for over 20 years in universities in Europe (UK, Switzerland) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan). He published over 60 articles in international refereed journals, 7 books, and several book chapters. He also has extensive experience in grant writing, and obtained several highly competitive grants. Upon retiring from academia in 2021, he set up

Quality assurance

All our articles are reviewed by two editors. Our editing takes places in two rounds. We have the first editing with comments for the authors. Comments may be to ask questions to clarify the editing, or to suggest making some changes to structure, wording, method, etc. For this reason, we employ most academics with PhDs in the subject they are reviewing, and we don’t review articles that are not in the subject we can review. After we send you the article with editing and comments, you can answer the comments and send it back to us, for further checking, and incorporate your answers in the paper. These two rounds are included in the price of the editing.

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