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Most top journals have almost 80% rejection rate

"Poor language and many spelling and grammatical mistakes create a bad impression on the reviewers."


Source: Rejection Blues: Khadilkar, S.S. (2018) "Why Do Research Papers Get Rejected?" J Obstet Gynaecol India 68(4): 239-241, doi: 10.1007/s13224-018-1153-1

Poor English delays the reviewing process

"Incomprehensible use of the English language and grammar distract
reviewers from their main task – judging the scientific merit of the manuscript – and cause unnecessary delay in the review process and a possible rejection."


Source: Smit, C. (2013) "How authors can maximise the chance of manuscript acceptance and article visibility", Learned Publishing 26(1): 28, doi: 10.1087/20130106

Journal publishing is  required for promotion

"Successful publishing not only plays a crucial role in determining the fate of ideas, but also influences the career advancement of individual scholars. It it is a consideration in tenure and promotion decisions.”


Source: Miller, A. et al. (2011) "Publish or perish: Academic life as management faculty live it". Career Development International 16(5): 422-445, doi: 10.1108/13620431111167751


Poor language editing prompts publication rejection or the editors to recommend resubmission after extensive English-language editing. Each round of editing takes several months, so at best poor English-language delays the publication of your article, at worst causes rejection. It is a good idea to make sure that one’s article is written in impeccable English. An article written in excellent English guarantees that you do not have to resubmit for the language editing, and helps you obtain more positive comments. was set up in 2022 to help academics, businesses, students and job seekers write in perfect English. has tens of English mother-tongue editors, with PhdS, to help improve the English of your articles. All articles follow a double-round process: they are edited once and returned to the authors with comments and questions (if necessary). Once the authors answer these comments and questions, they return the articles to the editors for a secound round of editing. These two rounds are always included in the price. has stringent quality controls, and we guarantee the highest standard in the industry.


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